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Welcome to The Daily Bagel , a loose collection of pages about topics that few people care about, and even fewer will read.

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Site News

4.10.21 In order to not appear dead, updates to the site have now been uploaded to Neocities. In no way does this mean that anything is close to complete, as there is still much I plan to add.

4.1.21 Despite the date this is not some kind joke. In the pursuit of employing the most anachronistic, minimal tools to build a website, I have decided to start optimizing every page for Dillo, probably the lightest web browser out there that isn't text-only. It has no support for Javascript, and only has partial support for CSS. As of 2021, most modern websites are unusable inside of it.

3.26.21 Well, after extensive futzing around, I am officially a Linux man now. All future development of this site will continue on GNU/Linux tools while my W7 installation is left to rot. At least until I want to use Ableton Live.

3.20.21 There are various layout changes, readability enhancements, CSS tweaks, new color schemes, and some much needed injection of content to the site, even if it is half-baked. This website should also be free of special characters for now, so you shouldn't encounter any more gibberish symbols. Consider this website to now be a scatterbrained blog where I will add in random content sporadically and in no particular order.

2.28.21 This is a major update to the site that includes many layout and CSS tweaks, internal file structure changes, many placeholder pages in place of dead links, as well as adding some links in the Texture Pack Archive. Development of the site is also being transitioned from a Windows to a Linux environment.

2.14.21 By the time you read this, the site should be back up on Neocities. The main page seems kind of light on content at the moment because most of the content currently found under the Minecraft sub-site. Expect a lot off stuff to be broken throughout as this site is a massive work in progress.

1.13.21 I created this site in late 2016, and barely updated it for over 4 years. I have tried to revamp it many times, trying to turn it into something useful, but mishaps occured (hard drive faliure), and entire concepts were scrapped because I had found out someone had already done something better. I've decided to try to collect all of the little pieces I've worked on and to cobble together a collection of pages that serve some sort of purpose, or show something in a different way than other pages. Therefore I will avoid cliches like flashy novelty personal pages, or big lists of links with no original content.

12.18.16 Site created.

Website by Mr. Figgs. Note: Date codes on this website are in month.day.year format, with the year being represented by the last two digits.