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About This Site

Originating as a simple Infiniminer clone, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon. It is now the second best-selling game in the world, being second only comparable to the legendary Tetris. Funnily enough, they both share the concept of stacking and destroying blocks, and superficially simple gameplay mechanics as their main appeal, though that is where their similarities end.

The main difference is that while Tetris' gameplay is relatively structured with a clear goal (get as high a score as possible), Minecraft has an absence of structure. As with life, there's no real way to "win" the game as you would in nearly every other game. Some people have referred to this type of game as a "sandbox." Millions enjoy it even without really knowing what it's really about. It seems not even the developers really know what the game is about, as Minecraft seems to constantly transform into a radically different game with each subsequent update, for better or for worse.

Fortunately, they seem to have realized this as since the arrival of the then-new 1.6 launcher in 2013 (which was itself replaced with the current one) Mojang has allowed us access to previous versions, even if some very early versions may have been doctored...

This allows veteran players to revisit the past, and newer ones, such as myself, to check out what the hell they've missed.

The goal of this collection of pages is to try to organize, document, and provide access to as much content from legacy versions of minecraft as possible, with a focus on user-generated content, and have it all be available in one place. This is in contrast to using something like reddit, where valuable content quickly gets lost in a sea of low effort posts and petty "community" arguments, or forums, where posts are subject to deletion, or, depending of the size or (un)popularity of the forum, the entire site dissappears overnight.

The only factor that would result in this site become non-functional or disappearing would be if some economic crisis somehow caused the Internet Archive, Mega, and Neocities to cease operating simultaneously, leaving no viable alternatives. That or pure apathy.

This website is, to quote Notch, under heavy development, so um, watch your step.

Website by Mr. Figgs. This site is a part of The Daily Bagel. All copyrighted content is property of their respective owners, as I do not intend to take credit for or profit from things I simply did not create. This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only. If you believe any information provided here is inaccurate or false, or you have information that you would like to share, please email me at portalfour [at] gmail [dot] com.