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Last updated 4.4.21

For anybody that refuses to stop using Windows 7, here are some utilities, applications, and other goodies that will still run on it, and in some cases, even XP! (And Vista.) Logos of each Windows version indicate that the application has been confirmed to run on it. No logos means it has only been tested on and at least runs on Windows 7. As these operating systems age and application support is dropped, this page will be updated to note the last compatible versions.

For more goodies be sure to check out the Windows Add-ons Archive.

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This is one of the best, if not the best archive utility on Windows. You can work with the popular .7z format, as well pretty much every other archive format out there. It integrates well within Explorer, and is lightweight yet powerful.

Official Website


This is a blue light filter to help you get better sleep.

Official Website


Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 7 seems to be unable to display animation in GIFs (though it could in Windows XP). This little application can be used to display the GIFs with animation instead.

Sourceforge Page


This application can enable thumbnails for many different formats, though I primarily use it to get thumbnails for WebM video files.

MajorGeeks Page

WebP codec

This codec allows Windows to natively display thumbnails for WebP images and for them to be viewed in Windows Photo Viewer.

Google Developers Page


The Windows Media Format (WMF) is not by any means new, as it has been used for Microsoft Office Clip Art for a long time, yet Windows does not display thumbnails for these images. This little tool fixes that, although the images will still open in MSPaint.

Github Page


This application basically allows you to share your internet connection between two devices. You can download the app on your phone to use it as a sort of faux-mobile hotspot and then connect your computer, even if mobile hotspots/tethering aren't officially supported with your phone/service combo. I have only tested the Android version.

The only caveat is that it requires you to purchase a license for unlimited, uninterrupted use. Other than that it can be pretty useful, even in free mode.

Developer's Website

Network Activity Indicator

This little utility adds an icon to the notification area that shows you network activity, similar to how in functioned in XP.

Developer's Page


Its name suggests that it is a replacement for Notepad, but it is much more than that. This is a high versatile editor, supporting dozens of programming languages and the like. I highly recommend it for editing HTML.

Official website


AquaSnap includes a reference to Wipeout XL (2097) of all things.

This gives some improved window snapping functionality, making it more similar to what is found in many window managers for Unix-like systems. It's free for personal use, with some features restricted. The only downside is that it may occasionally nag you to upgrade to the full version.

Developer's Page


Most modern browsers already have a PDF reader built in, but if you prefer a simple standalone PDF viewer with thumbnail capabilities and without all the bloat that Adobe's offerings provide, than SumatraPDF is a pretty good choice.

Official Website


Now you too can enjoy this X Window System feature without switching over to a Unix-like operating system.


Moline's Classic Theme Pack

Now you can have all of your favorite color schemes from Windows 9x in Windows 7 with this theme pack, plus a few new ones.

BetaArchive Forum Thread


Here are various wallpaper packs available for download, compiled by various individuals on the 'net. Of note are the high resolution versions of the default wallpapers that come with various versions of Windows.

Windows XP Default Wallpapers
Windows XP HD Wallpapers (This pack also includes some hi-res versions of wallpapers and images from various versions of Windows as a bonus.)
Windows Vista Default Wallpapers
Windows 7 Beta Wallpapers

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